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Old Fashioned Remedies

This practical guide will show you old-fashioned ways for better health

'This down-to-earth and entertaining book is crammed with natural, money-saving ways to treat everyday health problems, from hayfever to PMT'. HEALTHY MAGAZINE Read More »

Beat Your Allergies

Find Relief, Feel Free BEAT YOUR ALLERGIES considers the multitude of causes and the best ways to reduce or stop the symptoms, so that you can take control and feel free again, from simple ideas like eating local honey and wearing wraparound sunglasses to reduce hay fever symptoms to keeping a food diary to check that your ‘allergy’ isn’t, in ... Read More »

Control Your Blood Pressure

Keeping a Lid on Hypertension

With the perfect mixture of medical and practical advice, Dr Rob Hicks' CONTROL YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE helps you to understand the problems and recognise the dangers, while also offering techniques to ensure that you stay on top of hypertension. Read More »